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  • IAPP annual CIPP exam updates: October 2023
    The annual IAPP CIPP exam updates happen on October 2nd 2023. Here are the new topics you can expect to find on the exams
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    Pass the CIPP/E in 2023. This free study guide includes detailed resource lists, study tips and discounts on courses, notes and trial exams
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    You’ve decided to become a Certified Information Privacy Professional and now it’s time to find the best CIPP/E course to get you there
  • Annual IAPP exam updates, October 3rd 2022
    *** The latest round of exam changes has been announced for October 2023 and an updated version of this article on CIPP exam updates is now available*** This year, the annual IAPP exam updates go into effect on October 3rd […]
  • Want to write questions for the IAPP privacy exams?
    Writing for IAPP Certification Exams: Credentialing the Next Generation of Privacy Professionals is the title of a recent video posted by the IAPP on LinkedIn. The session was moderated by Bridget Morang, (Senior Certification Operations Manager) and the speakers were Stacie […]
  • CIPP/E exam annual update, July 1st 2021
    The CIPP/E exam annual update goes into effect on July 1st this year and new Body of Knowledge and Exam Blueprint documents are now available. The IAPP updates the CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPT and CIPM exams regularly in order to keep […]
  • GDPR Records of Processing
    Article 30 of the GDPR refers to the records of data processing that a data controller and data processor need to keep. They need to keep these records in order to demonstrate GDPR accountability and their efforts at compliance with […]
  • New CIPP/E Practice Exam and more from the IAPP
    IAPP Certification Director Doug Forman and Training Director Marla Berry went live on LinkedIn on October 14th 2020 to answer questions about IAPP Certifications & Training. It was a fantastic Q&A session and we have summarised some key points from […]
  • How to study for the CIPT
    If you are a candidate for the Certified Information Privacy Technologist exam, you have probably wondered how to study for the CIPT. So, here are the resources you need to get started. The CIPT Body of Knowledge outlines all the […]
  • Adequacy Decisions under the GDPR
    ***Schrems II update*** In July 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the Privacy Shield adequacy decision for the USA was invalid because of invasive US surveillance programs. You can read more about the background of […]
  • GDPR Lawful Grounds for Processing
    ‚ÄúPersonal Data shall be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject”. ‘Lawfulness, fairness and transparency’ is one of the fundamental data processing principles in Article 5 of the GDPR This means that data […]
  • CIPP/E exam updates, September 1st 2020
    From September 1st, the IAPP will be updating the CIPP/C, CIPP/US, CIPM and CIPP/E exams to stay current with changes in the privacy landscape.